Saturday, December 17, 2011


Rule #22: Cats are AWESOME.

I have a cat.
His name is Caesar, he's Persian by breed and he is awesome.

When I was born, we already had a cat, my mother's, in the house. That was the beginning of this abundant conviction that I now have.
He lived 18 years of his stray-tom-cat life as a perfect gentle-cat (I can't really say gentleman because he, fortunately, wasn't human).

Now, Caesar is exactly the opposite, though it doesn't make him any less loveable! He's what Captain Haddock would call a bungling baffoon. Contrary to belief, he is not graceful. He eats, sleeps, chases dust particles, is petrified of anything bigger than a fly that is not a fly or cockroach, and talks to crows every morning from the window sill. When he kills something, it goes SPLAT.
He also eats hot chapattis with us, loves egg yolk, and mews loudly for five minutes before taking his evening dump.

Most people don't believe animals are capable of anything beyond instincts, and that their instincts are pretty much the same within a species. With cats, and dogs too, I've found that this isn't true at all. Every cat is different, just like different people from different parts of the world. Strays are more territorial, house cat breeds (like the Persian or Scottish Fold) are fussy about where you can and can't pet them, who they're living with and who's visiting the people they're living with, and then each cat is different depending on their environment. My cat? He thinks he's a dog and follows one of us around all day.

So after all this, why are cats awesome? I've compiled a bunch of links that might help you understand this rule.

Number One: OMGSOCUTE: Please scroll to the end, and please also click on all the pictures and videos that aren't featured in this list.

In case that hasn't already convinced you...

Number Two: Ninja Kitty: I've tried this with a friend's cat. It's legit. They ALL do it. (Except mine because he thinks he's a dog)
Ninja Cat

Return Of the Ninja Cat: Bad Short Term Memory = WIN

Number Three: Cat Wrestling

Kitty Wrestling

CatBoxing Fail

Number Four: Something we've all grown up watching (or grown up and watched):

Cat Concerto

Number Five: My Tribute, My Eulogy: I've written a tribute to my other cat we had, who we got home with Caesar. She passed away in 2006 and her name was Cleo.
Here's the link: To The Dearest -

And finally...
Number Six: My Cat and I.

To end, I'd just like to say that I love animals - from cats and dogs to iguanas and snakes - even though my heart goes out to "the divine feline".
So far, most animals have liked me too.

A big thanks to my mother for never ever saying, "If you misbehave, then the cat/dog/other animal-in-the-vicinity will bite you" and for being the animal lover that she is.
Another big bunch of warmth and thanks to Arjun Kanungo, Abhishek Kamdar, Nisha Vasudevan and Alfred Lee, and for accepting me for the kitty-freak that I am, being kitty-freaks with me and sharing every cute cat video and picture they come across. They always make my day!


  1. I absolutely love Caesar, I do.

  2. HAHAHA he's more loved than anyone else in the family :P
    What an awesome kitty he is.