Sunday, January 13, 2013


Rule #52: Enough is just not enough.

So I've been doing some shopping lately.
And instead of shopping and waiting in line, I shopped online.

Okay sorry.

But it's true! I've bought phone covers, shoes, computer accessories, etc. all online.
Those items are not what lead me to writing this post though.
It was the bag shopping I did a while ago that's reinforced an old realisation - the more you have, the more you want.

DISCLAIMER FOR ALL MEN READING: Don't worry, I've tried to keep the (awesome) bags talk to a bare minimum. (Did I mention they're awesome?)

There's more to this feeling than these materialistic desires, of course.
There's a driving force. If I'm at a certain level, I'll always want to be higher. I want to gain more, win more, achieve more, know more, see more, and DO more. We all do. Where's the fun and charm to life otherwise? Where's the thrill? How can we not look forward to progress that we have brought about ourselves?

For the entrepreneur,  "How can my business be better?", for the writer "How can my words make greater impact?", and even for the cat "How much more fur can I shed and how much more furniture can I destroy today?"
Those questions are what keep us going.


And why do we do it? That's probably the simplest one of them all: we want something greater than we have because we know it exists, we know we're not there yet, and so being content is just not an option. 'Enough' is just not enough!
Everything in your life can be, in the words of Daft Punk, Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
How we progress is up to us, and I'm not even going to dare get into the ethics of it. That's epic writing for another post on another day.

So that's just it - aiming higher. That's why humans are where we are. We aimed higher a long time ago, we're still pushing our abilities everyday and this is where we've reached.
There's a bunch of people who will argue and say things like it's a curse, that it's greed, and that it's "not good".
But really, how can anyone be satisfied with their position or knowledge when they know they can get better at it or that there's so much more?
I also know that somewhere through this, you've started thinking about money, and money is a really narrow way to look at the feeling I'm playing upon. This more than all the money in the world. This is YOU. This is your knowledge, your talent, your skill, and eventually your happiness when you think of yourself.

This is your desire to achieve as much as you can in all the time that you have to work your ass off.

Before signing off and leaving you with my heavy thoughts, I'll lighten the load with a list of sites that I stay in tune with when these desires (and hormones) kick in!

NOTE: These are just sites I like to browse through to keep up with trends, prices, etc. I'm not ALWAYS shopping online or otherwise, even though my mother may not agree with this statement.

  • eBay - Phones and Phone Accessories
  • Flipkart - Computer Accessories and Stationery *big wide OCD-filled smile*
  • The Rummage - Bags and Fashion Accessories (THE BEST)
  • Jabong - Shoes and Sports Stuff

And my all-time favourite place to check out everything everyday - Pinterest.

So thank you for reading, and remember, every day that you have, PUSH YOURSELF.
'ENOUGH' shouldn't be enough.
Carpe diem and all that.

Here, laugh before you leave.

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